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For Private Last Mile testing with the no-VM version, when my test includes HTTP Authentication credentials whichI defined in a script step, the test uses the default credentials to log into a Sharepoint application.


Reconfiguring the Security Settings in IE 8.0 for a no-VM Private Last Mile installation is necessary for script-level HTTP Authentication credentials to be used for testing.

Configure the local IE settings in the private last mile machines as follows:

  1. In the native IE 8.0 application, verify that the Website is in the intranet zone(Internet Options->Security->Local intranet->sites->Advanced->Add).
  2. Change the Security Settings to “Automatic logon only in Intranet zone� to “Prompt for user name and password� as shown in the provided image.
  3. Restart the IE 8.0 browser.
  4. Verify this change by executing the test in the Gomez Recorder using wrong credentials.

Root Cause

A setting in native IE 8.0 automatically causes an authentication with Intranet-based applications such as Sharepoint by using the Windows login credentials for the machine. This behavior overrides HTTP Authentication credentials that are configured in the Step level of a Gomez Recorder script.


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