The explosive growth and adoption of 4G LTE technology by consumers using smartphones and tablets is driving significant growth in mobile web traffic. eCommerce retailers report that sales are increasingly booked from mobile devices, and the number is growing.  According to ComScore, four out of five consumers now use smartphones to shop or complete banking transactions and other operations online. Recently, our mobile network was upgraded to measure performance across 4G LTE networks, enabling companies to deliver best-in-class mobile customer experiences.

Beginning in April, the Compuware APM U.S. Benchmarks are taking advantage of our upgraded network by measuring mobile sites across 4G LTE. Our pre-testing revealed that Benchmark participants can expect on average a 30%-45% decrease in Response Time as a result of the increased network speed. The upgrade affects the following Benchmarks:

  • U.S. Banking

  • U.S. Retail

  • U.S. Insurance – Auto and Property

  • U.S. Media – News

  • U.S. Media - Sports

  • U.S. Travel – Car Rental

  • U.S. Travel – Hotels and Resorts

  • U.S. Travel – Online Agents

What you need to know

  •  4G LTE is in use today. U.S. Retail was transitioned April 15th and all other affected Benchmarks were transitioned to 4G on May 1st.
  • The Benchmark rankings will be impacted with some participants rising in the rankings and others falling based on the transition to 4G. View the most recently published results on our  Benchmark website.
  • Our testing locations have changed to further improve our ability to deliver the highest Mobile data quality in the industry. As a result, Benchmark testing locations have changed from Ashburn to Boston for east coast coverage and from Dallas to Chicago for central coverage. Our Santa Clara west coast testing location remains unchanged but it has also been upgraded for 4G LTE. 
  • Performance is being measured from the same three carriers once per hour, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint.

What you should do

Customers that have Mobile Benchmarks enabled in their accounts will be automatically enabled to see the 4G LTE results and can analyze their own performance and that of competitors. We also encourage you to view the most recently published results on our  Benchmark website to see who is performing the best on 4G and how that impacts overall rankings.