The new Benchmark subscription feature is here!  Easily track the monthly rankings by subscribing to the Compuware Benchmarks you would like to receive in your inbox each month when new rankings are published!

Simply navigate to the Benchmark you’re interested in, click on subscribe and provide your email address. That’s all it takes to get the Compuware APM Benchmark rankings automatically sent to you.

In addition to the new subscription feature, the transition of the Compuware APM Benchmarks to the 2014 methodology has been completed for more industries and verticals!  The most recent transitions which went live in June include:  

  • 9 Benchmarks in Asia Pac
  • 24 Benchmarks in EMEA
  • 9 Benchmarks in the Americas

To date, we have completed the following exciting improvements to the Compuware APM Benchmarks making them the most comprehensive comparison of the digital experience for the industries they represent:

  • Transitioning of Benchmarks to a new ranking methodology that compares the performance of digital experiences from a broad set of industry touch points
  • Establishing mobile performance as a cornerstone of the digital experience
  • Expanding support to 85% of commercial browser usage with the addition of Internet Explorer and Chrome, providing a more diverse and accurate comparison of the user experience
  • Updating participants to include current industry leaders

Learn more about the new Benchmarks by reading the Release Notes on the APM Community.

Please reach out to the Benchmark team at We would love to hear your Benchmark suggestions and comments!

Compuware APM Benchmarks competitively rank thousands of sites in more than 26 countries based on over 20 million measurements per month to determine which companies are providing a great online digital experience to mobile and web users. This information provides the ability to analyze the performance best practices used by industry leaders and justify critical performance investments needed to become a top mobile and web property.