Browser providers continue to enhance Internet browser technology at a rapid pace. These changes impact the user experience for web properties of all industries. One particularly important user experience factor that can sensitive to browser changes is web site performance.

Recently, we have started an upgrade cycle for the Compuware Performance Network that will update the versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox that we use to test web site performance. One of the implications of this upgrade is that the Benchmarks will be measuring performance of Compuware APM Benchmark participants based on the new versions.

What you need to know

  • The new versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox are already in use. Network updates began on July 8th and will continue on throughout the month of July.  
  • The Benchmark rankings may be impacted. Some participants may rise up in the rankings and others may fall based on the browser upgrades.
  • In the process of upgrading our network we deploy some new locations and remove others. These changes can affect the Benchmarks in terms of what locations are being used to run Benchmark tests.

What should you do

  • Read our APMaaS APMaaS Release Notes which provide detailed information on the network upgrades
  • Customers that have Benchmarks enabled in their accounts will start seeing results based on the new Internet Explorer and Firefox versions for analysis of their own performance and that of competitors. Check the Compuware Performance Network Update Schedule for insight into when the locations in your geography and your Benchmark are changing.
  • For more information on how these new versions impact the performance of your site or your competitors please check out our analysis of performance differences for both Internet Explorer and Firefox.
  • View the most recently published results on our Benchmark website to see who is performing the best on the new browser versions and how that impacts overall rankings. The rankings published at the beginning of August will start to reflect the new browser versions.

If you have any need more information or have any other questions please contact the