We are pleased to announce that a new User Experience Performance Test is now available to create a free custom performance analysis of your site!

This ground breaking analysis is the first to test the Omni-Channel experience your site is providing users by measuring mobile and desktop access from your choice of locations around the world. It also compares your performance to one of our industry standard Compuware APM Benchmarks, the most comprehensive source of industry-based mobile and web performance comparative measurements.

The new Performance Test has these great capabilities:

  • A Report Card summary that grades you on how your site is performing  and where you rank against the competition
  • An analysis of your content that compares your site design against the best practices of the best and worst performers
  • A detailed breakdown of your response time to understand your site behavior and pinpoint problems

Learn more about the new Performance Test by reading the release notes on the APM community and try it out for yourself here.