What are we announcing?

On Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014, Compuware announced that it will become a private company. We are also announcing that we are renaming our APM division Dynatrace. This renaming and subsequent rebranding will allow our industry leading APM business to project a more modern and powerful image into the ITOM and digital business markets.

What will happen to the Compuware APM business?

The APM business has been Compuware’s growth engine and is a strategic part of this transaction. By becoming a private company we will have more latitude to define ourselves, move faster, and re-energize our brand. The Dynatrace business will ensure the continuity of the Compuware APM product portfolio and team. This change is very good news.

How will Dynatrace be any different from Compuware APM?

Once the Thoma Bravo transaction closes, Dynatrace will be a private entity, whereas Compuware APM was a business unit of a publicly traded parent company. In this new configuration, we will have a simpler and more innovative approach to the market, with greater agility to react to market opportunity. Dynatrace will continue to be 100% focused on helping companies manage the performance of their applications and digital channels, and optimize the experience of their end-users.

Dynatrace is just one part of the Compuware APM portfolio – what about the DC RUM and APMaaS technologies?

The new Dynatrace brand encompasses the entire APM portfolio of products, including DCRUM and APMaaS.. All current Compuware APM products - which include the enhanced Gomez and Vantage product-lines (APMaaS and DCRUM respectively) – - are now part of the Dynatrace product family. We are not eliminating any functionality from our current product set, only adding clarity, simplification, and investment to expand our #1 APM market leadership position.

What changes should Customers and Partners expect?

For customers and partners, things should stay the same or get better. We will continue to develop and support the current product roadmap for Compuware’s APM portfolio. There will be continuity in the people with whom they interact, from account, partner and customer service managers, to our product team and senior leadership. And operationally, Dynatrace should become more nimble, modern and easier to do business with.

How is technical support affected by this Thoma Bravo acquisition?

Existing products will continue to be fully supported. Furthermore, we are increasing our investment in both our user community to provide our 86,000+ members with easy access to valuable information and direct access to our APM experts, and our industry leading Guardian program for dedicated APM expertise either on-site or remote.

Is the product line changing? 

The Dynatrace portfolio of APM products continues to innovate to exceed the needs of customers.  With the new Dynatrace brand, product naming will be introduced that highlights the progress made over the past two years to integrate the products into a single product family with modular options. More information on our product roadmap will be revealed at Perform, our global user conference, in Orlando, on October 7, 2014.

Will there be management changes? 

Thoma Bravo has voiced a great deal of confidence in the APM leadership team and does not plan any changes. In fact, it is this team that Thoma Bravo plans to build around as the core of their APM program.

What is the timeline?

Like all acquisitions of public companies there is a gap between Definitive Agreement to acquire and the final closing. The expected closing is currently within 60-90 days – mid-November to mid-December.

Who is Thoma Bravo LLC?

Thoma Bravo is a leading private equity firm building on a 30-year history of successful investing. Thoma Bravo has particular expertise in application and enterprise software, infrastructure software and technology enabled services sectors, so they are particularly well suited for Dynatrace. They focus on investing in fragmented, consolidating industry sectors, like ours, and we look forward to benefitting from their expertise and support. Thoma Bravo’s portfolio includes companies like Tripwire, Keynote Systems, and Blue Coat Systems.

Thoma Bravo owns other APM companies like Keynote. Will those businesses be combined?

Right now our plan, and Thoma Bravo’s, is to grow Dynatrace with the current strategies, team, and partners in place. Things may change in the future, but for now, its 100% focus on growing the Dynatrace business.

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