How long is your PurePath? How deep does it go? How many tiers do you connect? How many database statements, exceptions, log messages and web service calls do you have?

No clue what I am talking about? PurePath is the core technology of dynaTrace and you can now have PurePath for free by downloading the Free Trial. PurePaths can go from Mobile Native/Mobile Web/Desktop Web through Web Servers, Application Servers all the way to the database.

We will award based on the following dimensions:

  • Fastest Time from Free Trial Download to PurePath
  • Longest PurePath connecting many tiers (End User, Web Server, App Server, External Services, Database, ...)
  • PurePath showing a problem pattern that you can solve to improve performance and scalability 

Here are some examples and a video that shows how to analyze PurePaths: Share your PurePath

Challenge Accepted?

If you accept the challenge follow the following steps

  1. Start your dynaTrace Free Trial
  2. Export a PurePath
  3. Send me the export Session File

What's in for you?

Besides eternal fame we will give away extended dynaTrace licenses so that you can use dynaTrace after the free trial expires.

For special events - such as Conferences (Velocity, WJAX, ATD, ...)  - we use this challenge to raffle of our prices!


Feel free to contact me directly: Andreas Grabner, dynaTrace Advocate