Our goal is to provide assistance for our users through the community. Besides answering your questions on our forum we also start providing live Q&A sessions:

On Monday, October 13th and Tuesday, October 14th we are therefore offering “dynaTrace Free Trial Q&A” sessions: FREE to attend and you stay totally anonymous to other users on the webinar.


  • 10 Minute Live Demo of dynaTrace Free Trial
  • 50 Minutes of Live Q&A

Register here (3 options to allow every time zone to participate)

Depending on the success we plan on running these Q&A sessions frequently. If you have feedback, e.g.: better day of the week or better time during the day LET US KNOW.

Hands-On Performance Clinic Workshop - October 6th in Orlando, November 3rd in Denver

We are also starting with a new concept: Performance Clinic Workshops. These are Hands-On workshops where you can Bring Your Own Application or Bring Your PurePath and we teach you how to best analyze your application using tools such as dynaTrace.

The first installment of this workshop happens parallel to our annual PERFORM User Conference. It's FREE. Claim your ticket on the Eventbrite website: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/orlando-application-performance-clinic-workshop-bring-your-own-app-byoa-tickets-12970060801

The second clinic is also already setup and waiting for you. This time in Denver on November 3rd: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/bring-your-own-app-byoa-performance-clinic-tickets-13422686617

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