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I would like to get Backbone/Last Mile/Private Last Mile test data using Web Services Data Feed API.


Perform the following steps to get test data using the Web Services Data Feed API:

1. Use this web service to perform account management functions within the Dynatrace Synthatic Monitoring Platform.

In the examples of how to get all monitor Backbone IDs or Last Mile Monitor Instance IDs, add your Dynatrace Portal login/password credentials.

 Backbone Example
 Last Mile Example
 Private Last Mile Example

2. After you get your Backbone test monitor ID/Last Mile Monitor Instance ID, use the following URLs to access the production specifications for the Raw Data Export service. 

Using open data feed 2 or 3, you can get session token. Then you can get response data by the session token from GetResponse data.

Here's an example of how to open data feed. Add your login/password credentials, and the MonitorID 3089603 (Backbone) or 706250 (Last Mile).

 Backbone Example (OpenDataFeed2)
 Last Mile Example (OpenDataFeed3)
 Private Last Mile Example (OpenDataFeed3)


3. Do the GetResponseData request.

You will get a session token after you perform the preceding step. For example, you get:

  • <SessionToken>4f57346e-46cf-4466-bac0-5d22dc20980a</SessionToken>" (Backbone)
  •  <SessionToken>2f76b872-ab5b-43f3-b063-40520805c647" (Last Mile)

Then you can do the GetResponseData request.

This web method returns the next chunk of the dataset for a specified transaction from each site. Range, content, and volume of data will be based on constraints setup when the session was opened with one of the OpenDataFeed web methods and the standard system and account level constraints.

Here's an example of how to get response data. It uses the session token from the above result. Change the session token when you need check other tests.

 Backbone Example
 Last Mile Example
 Private Last Mile Example