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We need to temporarily stop alerts at certain times, while the test is still running. How can we do this without disabling the alerts completely?


For Backbone Tests, you can set up maintenance windows for alerts, besides setting up maintenance windows for tests. (For Private Last Mile and Mobile tests, this feature is not yet supported. You can vote for the Product Idea here.)

During the alerts maintenance windows, the test will still be running but no alerts will be triggered. 

To set up an alert maintenance window in the Dynatrace Portal:

  1. Select Setup Tests > Test Defaults.
  2. Click Edit next to Recurring Maintenance Windows,
  3. In the Recurring Maintenance Windows popup window, click Add Window to create a new maintenance window.
  4. Select Alert as the Type, and configure the other settings as needed.
  5. Click either Apply to All Tests or Apply to New Tests Only to save the new maintenance window.