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Trace Route on Error (TRoE) is a part of the Screen Capture on Error (ScoE) product. TRoE runs whenever a test page fails without downloading any objects due to a network error.

Network errors that might occur include:

  • Server Response Missing Status Line (10001)

  • Network Reset (10052).

  • Socket Connection Reset (10054)

  • Connection Refused (10061)

  • Connection Timeout (11005)

  • Socket Receive Timeout (12000)

  • Unknown Connection error (19999)

The results of the TRoE are located on the last page of a SCoE.

To enable Screen Capture on Error information for a Backbone test, follow the below steps:

1. Login to the portal and click on the Admin tab.
2. Under "Gomez Synthetic Monitoring" click on "Advanced Analytics: Backbone Screen Capture on Error".
3. Move the desired test form the left screen over to the right and click "Submit".

Root Cause



Error rendering macro 'kbsurvey' : null

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