Be the ‘go-to’ APM expert in your company. Be the first one in your user group with a releasaraptor t-shirt.

OK, no one goes for the t-shirts…but they are cool!

You should come because what you learn can transform your company and your career:

  • 90%of attendees say the topics were very valuable and applicable to their roles
  • 93% say they’ll implement the concepts they learned

You’ll get real-world performance lessons from companies like Sherwin-Williams, Panera, eBay, Intel, Pandora, American Express, British Telecom, Luxottica, Stilnest, Nordstrom and TUI. You’ll learn how to leverage your Dynatrace products to enhance new technologies such as Docker containers, Kubernetes orchestration, Ansible automation, NGINX web servers, node.js, AngularJS and more.

Get powerful, practical take-aways for turning breakneck change into competitive advantage from the world’s leading APM experts.

  • World-class HOT day training and product workshops throughout the conference
  • Dedicated one-on-one sessions with Dynatrace experts to get your burning questions answered
  • Ruxit and Keynote-specific sessions
  • FREE APM Product Associate certification exams ($250 value)
  • Significant discounts on attendance if you’re already certified

APM’s future is digital—so is yours.Together, we’ll make our digital future brilliant. 

Oh, and there’s the t-shirt…

Find out more here!

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