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The Redmine Action Plugin integrates dynaTrace in your existing Redmine ticketing system. The plugin creates a new Redmine issue for alerts triggered by dynaTrace and includes detailed information about the incident in the created Redmine ticket.

The plugin is based on the Redmine Java API project: https://github.com/taskadapter/redmine-java-api


Redmine Action Plugin

Version1.0 (2015.09.07)

Compatible with

>= 6.0


Balázs Bakai (balazs.bakai@telvice.hu)


Telvice Kft.



Support Level





Release notes

1.0 - 2015.09.07

-Tested with Redmine 2.2 and 3.1 version

-API Access Key based authentication


  • Use dynaTrace client to install (Settings/dynaTrace Servers/Plugins/Install Plugin) the attached plugin binary jar file and activate the plugin
  • Click on the properties button and setup the DEFAULT parameters of the plugin.
  • If you need more information select the FINE log level else the INFO log level. Logs are available at System Information/dynaTrace Server/Support Information/Log Files


Redmine API Access Key:

Enable the REST web service on the Redmine Settings/Authentication page.



Go to the user account page and click on the show button to reveal the API key.



Configuration parameters of the plugin:

For now you have all of the parameters you need, so after you installed the plugin, fill in the missing fields and dynaTrace is going to use these values as defaults.

Incident Configuration

  • Add the Redmine Action Plugin each of the incident rule you want to generate Redmine ticket for. (System Profile/Incidents/select an Incident Rule/Edit/Advanced Configuration/add/Redmine Action)
  • Set up the execution to: on incident begin, so dynaTrace can create the Redmine ticket when an incident starts.
  • The value of the Action Severity will be converted to the priority of the Redmine ticket.
    • dynaTrace Severe => Redmine High
    • dynaTrace Warning => Redmine Normal
    • dynaTrace Informational => Redmine Low
  • The value of the Incident Severity will be shown on the dynaTrace Incident dashlet



You can override the default system-level Redmine plugin parameters per Incident level as you see on the below screenshot.


Redmine ticket

When the definied threshold of the used measure is exceeded a Redmine ticket is created with filled in subject, description and priority.