We moved the Synthetic Monitoring forums to AnswerHub, a state-of-the-art forum technology used by companies like LinkedIn, eBay, GE and Microsoft.

We’re making a change for the better! This new platform offers a number of benefits over our current forum technology. You’ll be able to reply to posts by e-mail so you can reply from anywhere, anytime. You can also filter questions by topic, so finding relevant information will now be just one click away. The built-in reward framework uses a badge system that highlights the most active contributors and drives greater involvement from all members. 

By the end of September, all Community forums will be moved to AnswerHub, including attachments and links along with Watches, which are called followers in AnswerHub. Migrated forums will be read-only in Confluence as we switch over, but they’ll be accompanied by a link to the appropriate new AnswerHub forum. 

To learn more about the new platform and rewards, see Forum User GuideForum Features Tour, and Forum Intro Video.

You can find the Synthetic Monitoring Forums here:


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