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This plugin counts the number of client logins & provides two metrics: Successful Logins & Failed Logins and reports per username.

Name and Version

User Logins Plugin

Compatible with

5.6 and above


dynaTrace Software


Dynatrace BSD

Support Level

Not Supported


User Logins Plugin v1.0.0.jar

Current Limitations

1) It won't count historical logins when it first runs, so to get data, setup the monitor then re-login to the client.

2) This must run on a collector installed locally to the server you wish to query.

3) Underlying metrics upon which this plugin relies are only updated when a user clicks login or test connection in client. Hence if a user logs into the client then leaves it open or logged in, there will be no new data generated. I suggest you use the metrics from this plugin in combination with the "Client socket connections" metric (from dynatrace client monitoring system profile) to get a true picture of currently connected users.


Install plugin via client as normal


  1. Create a monitor based on this plugin.

  2. Point the Server.0.0.log path to the server log file (plugin defaults to x64 dynatrace 6.1 path). Update as necessary.


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