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This plugin counts the number of client logins & provides two metrics: Successful Logins & Failed Logins and reports per username.

Name and Version

User Logins Plugin

Compatible with

5.6 and above


Adam Gardner - Dynatrace


Dynatrace BSD

Support Level

Not Supported



Current Limitations

1) It won't count historical logins when it first runs, so to get data, setup the monitor then re-login to the client.

2) This must run on a collector installed locally to the server you wish to query.

3) Underlying metrics upon which this plugin relies are only updated when a user clicks login or test connection in client. Hence if a user logs into the client then leaves it open or logged in, there will be no new data generated. I suggest you use the metrics from this plugin in combination with the "Client socket connections" metric (from dynatrace client monitoring system profile) to get a true picture of currently connected users.


Install plugin via client as normal


  1. Create a monitor based on this plugin.

  2. Point the Server.0.0.log path to the server log file (plugin defaults to x64 dynatrace 6.1 path). Update as necessary.


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