Problem description

CAS shows that the Daily report generation task is failing.


The Daily report generation task runs after midnight to perform all the calculations for the averages, trends, and baselines. The time it takes CAS to finish this task depends on the number of trends/baselines enabled in Baselines And Trends Properties Editor in atscon and the amount of data currently present in CAS database. With more data and trends/baselines tasks enabled, CAS is going to take longer to perform the Daily report generation task.

Solutions checklist

 Any of the following actions could resolve the problem. The process begins with the most likely solution and we recommend that you perform the following steps in provided sequence.

1. Increase the timeout value.


CAS displays a warning that the "Daily report generation" task failed for a certain day.


The default timeout for the "Daily report generation" task is 4 hours. In case this task takes longer than 4 hours to finish, due to an increase in the amount of traffic reported to CAS or additional trends/baselines tasks were enabled, the task will time out and an error will be displayed on CAS indicating the issue.

To increase the timeout value:
1. Open <CAS_installation_directory>\config\.
2. Edit the tasks-100-hcbs.xml file.
3. Search for task ID="Daily" name="Daily report generation".
4. Increase the timeout value from the default "04:00" to a value not greater than "8:00".
5. Save and close the file.

<!-- ************************************ -->
<!-- task generating all daily data -->
<!-- ************************************ -->

<task ID="Daily" name="Daily report generation" periodType="DAY" period="1" timeLine="SAMPLES" offsetTime="00:10" timeout="04:00" recoverable="true">

It is not necessary to restart the CAS service for the new settings to take effect. Once the CAS processes the next data sample, it will read the file and update the timeout accordingly. You can confirm that the new value was updated by opening Tools -> Diagnostics -> Console and executing the command "TASKS SCHEDULE STATUS". This shows a list of all the tasks to be run by CAS and the configuration set for them. Locate the Daily report generation task and confirm the timeout value has changed.

What to do next

If you increased the timeout to 8 hours and the Daily report generation task is still failing, then alternative steps should be taken to figure out why CAS takes so much time to generate the reports. Please contact the support team for further assistance on this issue. Do NOT increase the timeout beyond 8 hours as this might interfere with the daily CAS operation and cause processing delays and slow system performance.




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