Problem description

Manual method of adding SSL keys to an AMD is ineffective and time-consuming.



Author: Chris Vidler.

This solution is not a part of the product and is not officially supported by Dynatrace. If you have any questions, please add a comment below the article or ask in the DC RUM Open Q&A forum.

The attached script runs on the AMD ( and takes a private key file as its only parameter.

The script parses the rtm.config file and finds the right locations to copy the key to and how the list file is called. Then it checks the key, makes sure it’s valid (not a certificate, and not in PEM format) so the AMD accepts it, and then copies it to the right place, sets secure permissions on it, and updates the key list so the AMD will load it during the next restart.

All you have to do is to restart the AMD when you can.

A second script,, takes a private key in any common format and converts it to the right format for the AMD. Then you can use to install it.

What to do next

Download scripts and try them out. If you have any questions, ask them in the DC RUM Open Q&A forum.



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