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  • Dowloading Gomez Data Feed
  • Errors in Test Data
  • Require SCoE for troubleshooting

  • It is not possible to download Screen Capture on Error (SCoE) through any of the Gomez Data Feeds offered.
  • SCoE must be downloaded from the Test Data in the Gomez Portal
  • When viewing a SCoE object, there is a link that allows you to save a zip file containing Screen Capture and related code.
Root Cause

Since a large number of screen captures can exist for every test, Gomez has had to limit the amount of storage available for SCoE. These limitations are:

1. SCoEs are only stored for 4 days.
2. Every SCoE has a storage limit size of 250MB.
3. Only 24 captures can be stored at one time.



Error rendering macro 'kbsurvey' : null

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