Join Andi Grabner, the Dynatrace Technology Strategist, in this free & must-attend webinar event!

: May 12 @ 10AM EDT (New York) & 4PM CEST (Berlin). NoteA recording of this webinar is now available on the Dynatrace Live Q&A YouTube channel.

TOPIC: Learn how you can use Application Monitoring's Dynatrace Web to analyze the performance details of synthetic tests that you configure and schedule in the Dynatrace Portal . Drill down from synthetic tests in Dynatrace Web to interactive charts in the Dynatrace Portal to view details about availability, response times, failure rates, and errors; view step-level data; and perform accurate root cause analysis.

FORMAT: 30 mins of live demonstration followed by a Q&A session in which you can ask Andi any question about this integration or any general APM questions you might have. To pre-submit questions, go the Dynatrace App Mon & UEM Open Q&A Forum  and tag your questions with forqandawebinar.  


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