Hi Dynatrace Community,

I’d like to let you know about a change that we’ve made to the Community: in the spirit of openness, we’ve converted each of the product Q&A forums for public viewing. This means that you won’t need to login to read what’s posted in them. You will still need to login to participate via commenting or asking and answering questions. Some of the forums in the Community will not be made publicly visible, such as the Idea/RFE and product EAP forums.

We’ve been working for a while in preparation for this change with tweaks like converting from full name visibility to First and Last Initial, and removing links to profile pages when not logged in (which you haven’t seen yet, because we haven’t “flipped the switch” on the open forums so to speak.)

Why are we making this change? The main reason is that in the spirit of transparency this change will help us get more visibility from open internet searches on Performance content, driving more exposure and awareness to the great Dynatrace Community that YOU help generate.

I look forward to your comments or questions, which you can post in the Community Help Center forum

Ron DeMarco
Sr. Product Manager, Dynatrace Community

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