Our goal is to provide assistance for our users through the community. Besides answering your questions on our forum we also start providing live Q&A sessions - we call them "Online Performance Clinics":

Register for the next “Dynatrace Application Monitoring Demo with Live Q&A” sessions: FREE to attend and you stay totally anonymous to other users on the webinar.

Main Topics for

  • July 20: Performance Engineering on TIBCO
  • Aug 17: What is Dynatrace and How to Get Started - Aug 2016 Refresher
  • Sept 14: What's Awesome in Dynatrace 6.5
  • Sept 21: Best Practice of Sizing and Deployment
  • Backlog Ideas: UEM Heatmap, Deployment Automation, Mobile Native Monitoring, Mainframe Monitoring


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All Recordings available on our Dynatrace Live Q&A YouTube Channel:

What's New in Dynatrace 6.3 is available on APM University

If you have feedback, e.g.: better day of the week or better time during the day LET US KNOW.

Next Hands-On Performance Clinic Workshop: TBD

We also want to bring the "Performance Clinic" to the "offline world" - as a Performance Clinic Workshop. These are Hands-On workshops where you can Bring Your Own Application or Bring Your PurePath and we teach you how to best analyze your application using tools such as dynaTrace.


  • 30 Minutes: How to do Frontend (Web, Mobile, Rich Client) Performance Engineering
    • Real Life examples on why Mobile Applications and Web Sites failed to deliver good performance 
  • 15 Minutes: Hands-On: How to do a Frontend Performance Santiy Check
  • 30 Minutes: How to do Backend (Java, .NET, PHP, Web Server, Database, ...) Performance Engineering
    • Real Life examples on why Enterprise Applications failed or crashed during high load 
  • 15 Minutes: Hands-On: How to do a Backend Performance Santiy Check
  • Rest of the time: Hands-On: I show you how you can analyze your own app

Planned workshop locations:

  • US: New York, Toronto, Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco
  • EMEA: Munich, Hamburg
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