Product Updates

  • Visit the Database Agent Troubleshooting page to learn about various techniques for troubleshooting and for collecting the necessary data for  support.

  • Dynatrace AppMon has new releases!

    • AppMon 6.3.11 is available on our download page and find a detailed description here.
    • AppMon 6.2.16 is available on our download page and find a detailed description here.
  • New: Generic Operations Plugin! The generic operations include addition, subtraction, division and multiplication on the measure. The plugin utilizes the Dynatrace RESTful API to retrieve the data from the measures. Check it out here.

Announcing the Community Member of the Month for October, 2016! 

We are very happy to announce that Florent D. is our October Community Member of the Month! Click the link to read what Florent has to say about Dynatrace and the Dynatrace Community.


Make the most of Application Monitoring with this hands-on demonstration where Grant Engelbrecht, application performance expert at Dynatrace, will show how you can be a performance superhero. Plus, discover highlights from the 6.5 update! Register today for the live webinar and even if you can’t make it on the day, we’ll ensure you’re sent a link to the recording.

Featured Blog: Continuous Innovation with Dynatrace AppMon & UEM 6.5

Dynatrace University

  • User experience monitoring is essential for enhancing the usability and performance of yo­ur mobile native app. How are your customers using your product? Which features do they prefer? How can you spot trouble before it adversely affects your product? Sign up for our new Android Mobile ADK vHOT course to start understanding your app’s stability and usability. Great article on why mobile application performance matters!
  • Looking to get ahead in today’s competitive tech world? Now, more than ever, trainings and certifications are vital to fuel a successful career. Head on over to Dynatrace University now to upgrade your status as a recognized leader in the APM space . Application Monitoring Associate and Professional level certifications have been updated!
  • Forbes recently released the The Migration Competency report to help customers with the right tools, frameworks, and the strategy of moving their workloads to the public cloud. They are associated with an AWS audited Managed Service Provider to support the customers implementing the best practices for achieving optimal performance and compliance. Start your cloud migration with a consultative session with a Dynatrace Architect in a Dynatrace University vExpert session.

Dynatrace Expert Services (DXS)

  • Don’t miss the webinar on October 18 at 1:00 PM EDT: “Top Lessons Learned while Researching and Writing The DevOps Handbook hosted by Gene Kim. Learn how DevOps projects around the world deliver continuous integration and delivery and discover concrete techniques that build a culture of continuous experimentation and learning including those form Google, Etsy, Nordstrom and Captial One. Register here for the live event.
  • Dynatrace’s Operations Xcelerator gives you the expert leadership you need to maintain availability, reduce downtime and decrease MTTR by helping you quickly drill down to user, tier, site or transaction-level detail for end-to-end visibility of application performance. Learn to isolate and identify application issues quickly in Prod. Implement operations best practices we’ve learned by working with top organizations. Learn more here.

Community Tips & Tricks

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