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At the Perform Conference, awards will be presented to the customers who best exemplify the criteria described below.

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Dynatrace Digital Performance Awards

Customer Champion

Operational Mastermind

The Futurist

These three awards will be offered to different customers in specific categories who have generated significant positive results using the business driver/use case approach to accelerate Digital Performance Management (DPM) adoption.

Each winner delivers measurable outcomes in ONE of our three business driver categories:

  1. Optimized Customer Experience (“Customer Champion” award)
  2. Modernized Operations (“Operational Mastermind” award)
  3. Accelerated Innovation (“The Futurist” award)

We are looking for customers who have:

  • Extended the value of DPM across one key business driver — including identifiable use cases with measurable results.
  • A plan for the next business driver and can clearly identify the use cases involved.
  • Achieved success in an innovative way, but also in a way that other customers could recognize and repeat for themselves.


Digital Transformation Leader


This customer has reached a high level of maturity in DPM and addressed an impressive array of business drivers. This customer has also implemented a significant number of use cases in support of business objectives.

This winner…

  • Has extended the value of DPM into at least 2 business drivers (although not necessarily completely), with plans for more – including identifiable use cases with measurable results using IT AND the business metrics.
  • Has successfully applied DPM to support strategic business goals.
  • Is extending DPM through multiple areas of their application lifecycle.
  • Is developing the most internal expertise through community, training, coaching, and certifications.
  • Extra points (optional): Has plans to make or is making DPM the basis for creating a performance culture in their company (like building an APM/DPM Center of Excellence, or getting LOB leadership to embrace DPM).


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Provide concrete details that support your nomination, as per the criteria described above. You may also attach documents with further details.

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Your information will be forwarded to the Perform Awards Committee for consideration.

Winners will be announced at the Perform Conference in Las Vegas, January 29-31, 2018.




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