The platform handles new tests and updated tests as follows:

  • When a new test is scheduled there will be an execution of the test immediately on one of the nodes selected returning you an instant result. Measurements will then be scheduled across the nodes per the use-selected frequency and node usage.
  • The Backbone scheduler looks for test changes every ~6 minutes and regenerates instructions if any of the following conditions change via the Dynatrace Portal ( test frequency changes; maximum execution run-time changes; any change to test configuration (settings or script, including parameter substitution), site selection, maintenance window change.
  • For users of the classic GPN portal, only script updates (from Recorder), frequency updates and test status will force update and rescheduling of the test. When changing another test or script attribute (maintenance windows, nodes, parameter substitution) you should adjust test frequency to force an update and re-scheduling to the test, or use the Dynatrace Portal for test management.