As we optimize our go-to-market and R&D investments for Dynatrace Network Application Monitoring (NAM in short, formerly known as DC RUM - Data Center Real User Monitoring) as a Dynatrace module, the upcoming 2018 release will focus on integration with Dynatrace and product experience, including:

  1. Support for data delivered by all types NAM analyzer, splitting data among multiple tenants, single sign on, and additional interlinking between Dynatrace Hosts dashboards and Dynatrace NAM server reports.
  2. Improved reporting and analytics with new DMI capabilities, such as calculated columns, advanced filtering, more fine-grained resolutions, or metric values rendered on Universal Diagram.
  3. Redesigned alerting powered by the DMI reporting engine to better align alerts and reports.
  4. Fine-grained administrative roles and support for user name anonymization to better answer GDPR requirements.

To fuel these areas and achieve our goals we will provide better alternatives, as well as deprecate or end-of-life the following capabilities:

  1. The upcoming Dynatrace NAM 2018 release will simplify deployment and will feature "Advanced Diagnostics on Demand" (ADOD) which will deliver Advanced Diagnostics Server (ADS) operation detail analysis capabilities as part of the CAS server. There will be no ADS as part of the Dynatrace Network Application Monitoring 2018 release. A detailed script for upgrading from Dynatrace DC RUM 2017 with CAS and ADS over to Dynatrace NAM 2018 Server with ADOD will be provided with the Dynatrace NAM 2018 Release Candidate release.
  2. A new "Application health dashboard" has been developed based on the customer feedback to supersede the Application Health Status (AHS) report. The AHS report will no longer be shipped with new installations of the 2018 release. Existing customers will still be able to use AHS report after upgrading to the 2018 release; however, we will encourage customers to leverage new capabilities, e.g., always showing applications even though they are not currently active, of the "Application health dashboard" as they will not be able to use AHS in the 2019 release.
  3. As DMI reports are being continuously optimized also for mobile web browsers, and Dynatrace NAM 2018 alert notifications can be delivered to third party services, e.g., Slack mobile app, we will discontinue support for the Mobile App with the 2018 release and provide integration with Slack service instead for all currently supported releases. The mobile application will be removed from the AppStore and Google Play in the future.
  4. The Dynatrace platform is now the primary interface for all Dynatrace customers, including users of the classic products. In addition, due to upcoming migration of Advanced Synthetic customers to Dynatrace Synthetic, we would like to discourage customers from using the Synthetic Classic data integration; Dynatrace NAM 2018 Server will continue to acquire and process Synthetic Classic data but alerting on the Synthetic Classic data will no longer be possible. Support for Synthetic Classic data integration will be discontinued with the 2019 release.
  5. Similarly, we would like to encourage customers to migrate from the integration with AppMon & UEM data source towards new integration within Dynatrace, as the integration with AppMon & UEM data sources will be removed in the DC RUM 2019 release.
  6. Additionally, we have transitioned VoIP and Tuxedo decodes from the price list to the customer growth price list (formerly known as Maintenance and Capacity). We will continue to support them for customers currently holding licenses for those decodes until their end-of-life in June 2019.

Together with the name change from DC RUM to Dynatrace NAM, we also simplify the naming of the NAM components. The main components will receive easier to associate names:

  • NAM Server - formerly Central Analysis Server (CAS),
  • NAM Console - formerly RUM Console, and
  • NAM Probe - formerly AMD.

The current release schedule is as follows:

  • 09.07.2018 - Dynatrace NAM 2018 Release Candidate
  • 06.09.2018 - Dynatrace NAM 2018 GA
  • 29.10.2018 - Dynatrace NAM 2018 Service Pack 1

Refer to Release Notes for more information on the upcoming 2018 release. 

Please note that support for the 12.4 release will be extended till 31.10.2018 for customers that need to migrate to the 2018 release within one upgrade cycle. A separate communication has already been sent.

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