DC RUM release 2017 will no longer be supported after May 31, 2019

It is high time to upgrade your DC RUM 2017 installation to continue receiving product support.

DC RUM is now known as Dynatrace Network Application Monitoring (Dynatrace NAM). With its focus on user monitoring for enterprise applications like SAP, Siebel, Oracle, application delivery tiers like Citrix and optimized WANs, Dynatrace NAM ensures great user experience for all your enterprise IT services.



Available migration paths

Option #1: Migrate to NAM 2019 release

NAM 2019 release is now in BETA release stage. Planned GA release date is end of May 2019.

Among other exciting features and improvements, this release brings:

  • New report explorer where you can analyze report performance, user report priorities, report links, favorites, and home pages.
  • Data mining interface enhancements
  • More flexible integration with Dynatrace - see Unifying NAM and Dynatrace for more information
  • Automated product configuration through NAM Configuration REST API
  • NAM Server SQL database can be automatically compressed, saving space occupied by NAM data.

Migration to NAM 2019 is a two phased process:

  • the first step is to migrate your existing DC RUM 2017 environment to NAM 2018 release (see below)
  • second phase is a straightforward migration from NAM 2018 to NAM 2019 release.

Option #2: Migrate to NAM 2018 release, service pack 4

NAM release 2018 SP4 is currently most preferable release adopted by customers migrating from 2017 release or even older releases. This release will be supported until September 30, 2020. 

TBC: Include highlights from https://www.dynatrace.com/support/doc/nam/release-notes/

Among other exciting features and improvements, this release lets you:

    • Quickly learn when new applications are deployed, or when services are removed
    • View micro-trends with increased granularity to 1-minute monitoring interval
    • Analyze performance delivered by the SAP HANA DB to the systems that depend on it
    • Speed time-to-insight with new Explorer reports

    • View reports using a faster, modernized user interface
    • Complement DC RUM’s “outside-in” transaction-level visibility with “inside-out” host- and process-level performance, availability and error metrics monitored by Dynatrace OneAgents

Staying with release 2017 after May 31, 2019 will still give you access to product downloads and NAM Q&A forum but there will be no further product technical support offered no any new product updates will be issued. Service pack 7 is the last major version update available for DC RUM 2017 release.  


Migrating to new AMD architecture

AMD 2017 is available only in the high speed architecture. 

There is no direct upgrade option to switch from Classic to High Speed AMD. You must install a new High Speed AMD and transfer your current Classic AMD configuration using the procedure described in our documentation.

If your AMD is on Red Hat 6 OS, migration from the Classic AMD to the High Speed AMD architecture requires an installation of either Red Hat OS 7.3 (or newer) or CentOS Linux 7.3 (or newer).

The new High Speed AMD architecture offers processing capacity up to 20 Gbps and comes in three different sizes: small (up to 0.5 Gbps), medium (up to 5 Gbps), and large (up to 20 Gbps). Direct migration from existing classic AMD to HS AMD architecture uses medium size HS AMD. If you are interested in getting max out of the new AMD architecture (up to 20 Gbps per AMD), please contact your Customer Success Manager as the AMD size large requires purchase of additional license. 

Planning your migration to 2017 release, please review the 2017 release hardware requirements, especially AMD hardware requirements. Key aspects of 2017 AMD are:

  • It requires Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3/7.4 or CentOS Linux 7.3
  • Custom driver is available only for 10-40 Gigabit Ethernet NICs based on Intel chipsets

See AMD 2017 FAQ for more information. 


Let our Support help you go through the migration process

Through the next 6 months, we strongly encourage you to migrate to DC RUM 2017 May release.

Our Support will be happy to assist you during the migration process. Simply open a Migration ticket to give our Support team heads up about your planned migration. Notification sent a week in advance would be just fine.

The DC RUM Migration Center gathers all important information about migration and upgrade processes.

Staying with release 12.4 after June 30, 2018 still gives you access to product downloads, DC RUM forum, and all DC RUM Community assets, but there will be no further on-demand support nor service packs for that release. Also, by continuing to use unsupported software, you will not enjoy the results of ongoing development provided in later releases.

If you are not able to migrate to the DC RUM 2017 May release over the next 6 months and would like to continue with support for release 12.4, you can change your level of support to premium. See Dynatrace Support Policy for details.

For further information, see Support Status of DC RUM Releases.


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