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The Tivoli Alerting Plugin enables the ability to push dynaTrace Incident Notifications into Tivoli.
In general, the Tivoli Plugin only executes the denoted Tivoli Executeable with all the denoted settings as parameter.
So it is very important, you have a running Tivoli Endpoint installed on the same machine the Plugin is running.

Plugin Details

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Dan Germain (dan.germain@dynatrace.com)


dynaTrace BSD


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Release History

2010-05-31 Initial Release

Configuration of Tivoli Alerting Plugin

The Tivoli Alerting Plugin is configured through the Plugin properties:



Tivoli Script

Full Path to the Tivoli executeable or the Tivoli Script

Tivoli Class

Select which Tivoli class gets used for all passed incidents from dynatrace

Tivoli Source

Select which name is used for the source system

Tivoli Severity

Select which severity in Tivoli each incident has

Tivoli SubSource

Tivoli SubSource

Tivoli SubOrigin

Tivoli SubOrigin

Custom Parameter 1..5

You can define Custom Parameters as key/value pairs (e.g. key=value)


Full path for a logfile written by the plugin

Debug Mode

Specifies whether the logfile gets written or not

All parameters get passed to the Tivoli server, the Message for the Tivoli Incident is concatenated from dynaTrace Incident Rule and the dynaTrace Incident Message.

In addition the customer will need to add a new dynaTrace class definition to Tivoli. The dynaTrace class definition extends the standard Tivoli EVENT definition.


Import the Plugin into the Dynatrace Server. For details on how to do this please refer to the dynaTrace documentation.

  1. Anonymous (login to see details)



    I am plan to use this plugin for Tivoli integration. Not able to open above instruction guide. Could you please help.


    Mohaideen S.

    1. Anonymous (login to see details)

      Hi Mohaideen,

      This page has instructions for installing plugins. The Tivoli plugin is a tad outdated though, so in the event that does not work, I have had success forwarding Dynatrace alerts into Tivoli Netcool Omnibus with SNMP traps.