dynaTrace software is proud to release dynaTrace 4.

This major release contains many revolutionary architectural changes that provide even greater detail about your applications with less overhead. A large number of improvements and altogether new capabilities will make you more productive, give you results faster, and make it easier to deploy dynaTrace throughout the entire lifecycle as well as from the end-users browser to the database and all the tiers in between.

You are now only 4 steps away from successfully using dynaTrace 4:

  1. You can download the product at http://community.dynatrace.com/downloads/Downloads.aspx
  2. Please read the Release Notes to learn more about dynaTrace 4 and make the best use of all the new capabilities
  3. Be sure to read the Upgrade and Migration Guide to migrate effectively to dynaTrace 4
  4. It is necessary to request a new license to run dynaTrace 4, please contact our dynaTrace licensing team at licensing@dynatrace.com.

If you would like some expertise on specific migration needs, please contact your account representative.

Download dynaTrace 4 today and see for yourself how it can help you be more productive.

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