Watch our recent webinar on "Business Transaction Management"

The recording of last week's dynaLearn webinar on "Business Transaction Management"

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. In this webinar, we explain what business transactions are and how they work, show how you can work with out-of-the-box business transactions as well as create your own, and talk about basic dashboards based on business transactions. If you have any questions, leave us a comment at the

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, or join tomorrow's Q&A webinar!

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To give our dynaTrace community members in different time zones an opportunity to ask their questions on our dynaLearn webinars, we're hosting a dynaLearn Webinar Q&A session, tomorrow (February 8th) at Noon (EST)/9am (PST)! To help us optimize this session, we encourage you to adding your questions as comments on the Q&A session community page.

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Register for next week's webinar on Memory and Thread Diagnostics

In our upcoming dynaLearn Webinar on February 15 3:00 pm (GMT)/10:00 am (EST), we will talk about the dynaTrace Memory Diagnostics Process, show how to analyze memory dumps, and discuss why and how to define memory sensor rules.

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