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The monitor gets the process count via the Ps -fu command. The user credentials entered when configuring the monitor must have ssh access to the remote server you wish to monitor.

Plugin Details

Plug-In Versions

Linux Process Status Plugin 1.0.2 (compatible with dynaTrace 3.5.2+)


Derek Abing


dynaTrace BSD


Not Supported
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Known Problems


Release History

2012-02-27 Initial Release

Provided Measures

  • ProcessCount: Returns count of running processes matching the configured identifier.





The identifier of the process to monitor. (the filename, e.g. java.exe)

Since the plugin is using the tasklist command, this means that the logon account configured for the dynaTrace collector needs to have appropriate access to the host(s) you want to monitor (typically Administrator access to the server). A good way to test this is to log into the collector with the account it is running as, open a command prompt and execute a tasklist command to the remote server you want to monitor.


Import the Plugin into the dynaTrace Server. For details how to do this please refer to the dynaTrace documentation.

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