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easyTravel - One Step to Happiness

The state-of-the-art demo application for Dynatrace - evaluate or showcase Dynatrace AppMon & UEM with a realistic heterogeneous multi-tier web-application. Make sure to WATCH the YouTube Tutorial on Evaluating Dynatrace with easyTravel. For Training Purposes read easyTravel Training Mode



easyTravel provides a web portal which allows users to log in, search for journeys to various destinations, select promotional journeys directly that are offered and to book a journey using credit card details. Additionally a Business-to-Business (B2B) web portal for travel agencies is provided where travel agencies can manage the journeys that they offer and can review reports about made bookings.

easyTravel is a multi-tier application implemented in .Net and Java. The starting of the various tiers and the enabling/disabling of different problem pattern plugins is done via a separate easyTravel Launcher. The Launcher allows the user to conveniently switch between different demo scenarios. Each scenario can define load scripts and certain problem pattern plugins that are enabled. The scenarios can be modified or extended by changing an XML file. This is useful when giving demos and allows you to focus on problem areas that are particularly relevant for a specific demo.

Download (Installer + License)

 easyTravel Demo License

Get your own Dynatrace Free Trial / Personal License which you can use for a LIFETIME to monitor your apps and also easyTravel on your local machine. Get Your Free Trial HERE!


We are providing easyTravel Demo Licenses that allow you to test dynaTrace with easyTravel only. The licenses is valid for 3 months and will be updated every 3 months with a new file. The license is bound to easyTravel and the pre-configured System Profile that comes with easyTravel.

AppMon easyTravel demo license for Dynatrace AppMon 2018 October (7.2). Valid until January 10th, 2020 with 5,000 agent hours and 100,000 UEM visits.


 Latest easyTravel version

Download sprint easyTravel:

Note that it can be incompatible with the latest AppMon release and contain some bugs.

 easyTravel for AppMon 7.2

 Download easyTravel for AppMon 7.2 here:

Use this installer if you need 32b windows version.

Source code is available here: easyTravel 2 source code

New and Noteworthy since easyTravel for AppMon 7.1

  • Apache updated to 2.4, 64b versions of apache php and mysql - no need to install additional libs
  • new experimental Angular front end - currently there is no automatic load generator for it
  • Cassandra updated to 3.11
  • Apache ActiveMQ Artemis replaced HornetQ jms library
 easyTravel for AppMon 7.1

Download easyTravel version for AppMon 7.1 here:

Use this windows installer if you need 32b windows version.

Source code is available here: easyTravel 2 source code

New and Noteworthy since easyTravel for AppMon 7.0

UEM related changes:

  • 'New Search' visit generated by UEMLoad looks more like the one generated manually
  • visits with bigger number of actions added

New driver for Oracle - easyTravel works now with Oracle 12c R2 (

Simple AMP application added (load is generated only in Dynatrace mode)

 easyTravel for AppMon 7.0

Download easyTravel version for AppMon 7.0 here:


Linux installer requires java 8 to run.

Use this windows installer if you need 32b windows version.

Source code is available here: easyTravel 2 source code

New and Noteworthy since easyTravel for AppMon 6.5

UEM related changes

 - user timing marks are sent by the load generator and  during browsing easyTravel pages. On orange.jsf mark_recommendations_loaded, measure_social_bar_loadtime and mark_special_offers_loaded on specialoffers.jsp page.

- mobile visits that are continued after crash were added

- mobile visits have true geographical coordinates now

- mobile visits containing more than 2 actions

- traffic per country differs during time of the day: there is more visits during the daylight hours. Note, that total number of generated visits is constant.

- increased number of users in generated traffic (10000). There is one 100 of users who appear with bigger probability than the rest. This was done to simulate some new logins in the generated traffic. We had to limit the number of displayed user logins, after clicking on padlock, to 20:

- percent of synthetic and robot visits can be now configured

- Static traffic parameters for users
     users have static location, 1-3 desktop browsers, 1 mobile browser, 1 mobile device, static browser window size for desktop and mobile, bandwidth, DNS slowdown
     robots are always anonymous
     synthetics users doesn't use real user name

- modern browsers and mobile devices added

- IP addresses used by load generator have been updated to better correspond to with location recognition in AppMon and Dynatrace

Other changes

- popup menu for procedure can be opened with right click too:

- SlowAuthentication problem pattern is fixed - wrong ehcache configuration caused too many entries in pure path.

Installing iOS application on iOS 10.3.1

After certificate installation you must manulaly trust this certificate: go to Settings -> General -> About -> Certificate Trust Settings and toggle: 'Enable Full Trust For Root Certificates'

After application installation go to Settings -> General -> Profiles & Device Managment, click on Dynatrace LLC enterprise APP and select Trust "Dynatrace LCC"           

Known issues:

APM-98666 install easyTravel mobile app on iOS 10.3.1 is not working

 easyTravel for AppMon 6.5

 Download latest version of easyTravel here:


  • This version is not compatible with dynaTrace 6.3 (changes in system profile)
  • The installers are 64 bit, but some components are still using 32 bit libraries. Use this installer if you need 32b windows version.

Source code is available here:

easyTravel 2 source code

New and Noteworthy since easyTravel for dynaTrace 6.3

Added calendar xhr actions to the UEM Load
Added IPv6 adresses to the UEMLoad
Added referrers & UTM referrers to the UEMLoad
Added more stack traces to the generated client errors
Adapted UEM settings in the system profile:

  • Turned on User Action waterfall created via W3C resource timings
  • Added loyalty status as additional visit tag
  • Adapted domain mappings for CDN and first party detection

Demo of Non-HTTP applications: UEMLoad now generates calls to the HotDeal services using JMS or RMI. To enable it select one of the follwing scenarios: Production/Messaging or Production/Remoting

Support for mongoDB with authentication

Support for running easyTravel components in:

Mobile applications and mobile traffic generator changes:

  • Redesign of Android easyTravel App
  • uemload and easyTravel mobile apps now use the new mobile protocol (only compatible with AppMon >= 6.5 or Ruxit aka. Dynatrace)
  • a new problem pattern generating lots of crashes was added

Building from source: added target "war" to Distribution/build.xml as one-step-build for dependencies and war files.
Hibernate library was updated update to 5.1 version (support for Oracle 12c)

New plugins

  •  LoadChange - plugin for increasing load
  •  MobileCrashesPeak - generates lots of crashes for mobile application

Known issues:

  • Android mobile application: searching for journeys and recommendations are not working
 easyTravel for AppMon 6.3

Download  the latest official version of easyTravel here:

Note: 32-bit versions work with both 32 and 64 bit dynaTrace installations and you can install the 32-bit version on 64-bit Windows as well.

Source code is available here:

New and Noteworthy since easyTravel for dynaTrace 6.2

Build 2173

Fixed problems:

APM-55165 install easyTravel mobile app on iOS 9.2 is not working (certificate error).
NOTE: you need to set config.appleMobileHost and config.apacheWebServerSslHost to your Apache host to make it working.

Automation library was updated. Also some errors were fixed in scenarios from group Development Team.

Known issues:

APM-62370 - The XSD of the easyTravel webServices changed and the MobileApp has problems parsing the XML and the Elements (Journeys) cannot be displayed.

Build 2118

  • Browser visits are now divided into desktop and mobile browser. Each visit type can be enabled and configured separately.

  • A new landing page ‘Special offers’ added. The page is slow due to large images. The page has a JavaScript Error on IE 10.
  • Conversion rates and visits distribution was modified to better imitate real traffic.
  • mod_rewrite was added to the Apache server. The SEO page, that uses mod_rewrite, was added to the easyTravel.
  • New REST services in launcher for controlling launcherUI:
    http://localhost:1697/syntheticReq/true - enables/disables synthetic web requests
    http://localhost:1697/loadValue/30 - sets base load value
    http://localhost:1697/manualVisits/true - enables/disables manual visits
  • Installer was updated to correctly install .NET components on windows 8.1 and Windows 2012.
  • Integration with two external applications added: AngularJS Image Gallery and demo Magento shop (applications are not included in easyTravel installer). UEMLoad can generate traffic to them.
  • IIS access logs for .NET applications were disabled.
  • UEMLoad changes:

    • generation of valid NavigationTiming data
    • added several bots and webchecks (e.g. bingbot, yahoo slurp, ...)
    • third party resource sizes are now stored in and loaded from a properties file and won't be determined by making a http request anymore

Mobile application changes

  • easyTravel mobile applications were updated to demo Dynatrace DSS (Symbolication Service). Links to the Proguard mapping file and iOS symbol extract file are provieded on easyTravel's About page.

  • iOS easyTravel application is App Transport Security (ATS) savvy

New problem patterns

  • New high CPU  pattern added. It slows down a service call by having a java method being very CPU heavier all of a sudden.
  • New plugin CrashCouchDB added. It causes crash of CouchDB process in a such a way to be observed by Windows Error Reporting.

Bug fixes:

  • APM-37065 JMS server stops on demo environments
  • APM-39129 [easyTravel]: php.ini points to non-bootstrapable dynaTrace agent
  • JLT-142652 easyTravel Problem pattern BookingErrorAsHttp500 and CreditCardCheckError500 not working

Known issues

  • APM-55165 install easyTravel mobile app on iOS 9.2 is not working (cert error)

Possible workaround: you can generate certificate manually using those scripts generate_certificate.zip.

  • extract zip file
  • add your ip addr to openssl-easytravel.cnf file as DNS.x If you are using config.appleMobileHost property, this must be set to the same value.
  • copy CA.cer file to the <install dir>/customer/webapp/cert/easytravel-san.crt,
  • copy easytravel-san.crt and easytravel-san.key to the <install dir>/apache2.2/Linux/conf/ssl/ or <install dir>/apache2.2/Windows/conf/ssl/ directory.
  • restart easyTravel
  • automation library in easyTravel is outdated and doesn't support self-signed certificates (used by Dynatrace server by default). This affects only testing scenarios.
    Workaround: turn off the ‘Accept authentication data only with HTTPS’ option in server settings in “Services” section on the “Management” tab
  • APM-62370 - The XSD of the easyTravel webServices changed and the MobileApp has problems parsing the XML and the Elements (Journeys) cannot be displayed.
 PERFORM HOTDAY 2015 - JMeter Sample Scripts

Download JMeter Sample Scripts for PERFORM 2015 HOT DAY

 easyTravel for dynaTrace 6.2

Download the latest official version of easyTravel here:

Note: 32-bit versions work with both 32 and 64 bit dynaTrace installations and you can install the 32-bit version on 64-bit Windows as well.

Source code is available here:

New and Noteworthy since easyTravel for dynaTrace 6.1
Build 1840

    • New scenario with CouchDB - Customer frontend loads some images from the CouchDB. CouchDB is supported only on Windows.

    • New scenario with nginx server. nginx is supported only on Linux.

    • New scenario for WebAPI Testing (Development Team section).

    • Additional Requests to .NET B2B Frontend in easyTravel Load Generator: during each visit user logins to the fronted, opens journey, report and booking pages, and logouts
    • Application version feature for web apps is being used in easyTravel. Generated visits created from UEM load now randomly have a different version associated with them. Manual visits are tagged with the JavaScript ADK with the actual easyTravel build version.
    • Better handling of switching between scenarios - components are not restarted if they have the same settings.
    • Apache access logs are disabled by default

Mobile application changes

    • update to latest mobile Agent for 6.1
    • new certificate for iOS app including easytravel.demo.compuware.com IP

Bug fixes:

    • APM-32849 - fix for enabling problem patterns on specific hosts in distributed environments
    • APM-34714 - recommendations servlet fixed in distributed environments (less journeys is loaded to calculate recommendations
    • APM-15697 - fixed exception when deleting location from .NET B2B front-end
    • APM-29981 - fixed shutdown of Casandra cluster
    • APM-35550 - Database was not cleared properly when EasyTravelFixed scenario was used. Now scenario generates visits for user Maria.

New problem patterns:

    • JavascriptBootstrapAgent Injects the JavaScript bootstrap agent into the customer front-end. Disable automatic injection for system profile!
    • Host Emulation - plugin that simulates large number of host agents
    • JavascriptAppVersionSpecificError - pattern generates javascript errors that are specific to an application version

Known problems

By default easyTravel will not use bootsrap agent for PHP (APM-39129). If you want to use boostrap agent, you must modify 'config.phpAgent' configuration property in the easyTravelConfig.properties.

 easyTravel for dynaTrace 6.1

Download the latest official version of easyTravel here:

Note: 32-bit versions work with both 32 and 64 bit dynaTrace installations and you can install the 32-bit version on 64-bit Windows as well.

Source code is available here:

New and Noteworthy since easyTravel for dynaTrace 6.0

Build 1665

    • easyTravel is now shipped with JRE 7
    • Random JavaScript errors are now added by default to page load actions (1 out of 25 page load actions will have a random error)
    • Fix Dashboards which used the outdated duplicate measures for DB time/count
    • Update of third party libraries for Eclipse RAP, SWT and others
    • Set expiration of mock-credit-card data to two years in the future, was hardcoded to 2012 before...
    • JLT-107662: exception aggregation enabled in system profile for java & .net components
    • JLT-110334: fix BT “Synthetic Web Requests by Timer Name” in easyTravel system profile
    • JLT-112859 easyTravel dashboards are no longer contain old Compuware logos
    • JLT-113267 fixed errors in Distribution/build.xml in the source package available on the APM community
    • APM-17275: Fix bug where plugin-hosts are not set correctly when PluginService is running remotely, we used "localhost" instead of the actual config.pluginServiceHost
    • APM-21804: Use embedded Tomcat to provide the plugin service. This should stabilize the service response time.    
    • APM-21806: Implement automatic cleanup for enabled problem patterns (functionality enabled only when authentication is enabled on weblauncher)
    • APM-22201 Adapt the currently existing easyTravel problem patterns for geolocation to simulate a slowdown of DNS look up
    • APM-23530: Only enable the local virtualhosts in Apache config on separate config-switch
    • APM-23615: NativeCPULoad: add new options that will allow to disable/enable CPU consumption, start CPULoad process with higher priority
    • APM-24148: Add new Dashboard for Webrequest distribution
    • APM-25335: Stabilize the calibration of the CPUHelper by repeating it at random intervals for first 2 hours after start. It can also be overwritten by configuration setting.
    • APM-26387: [easyTravel] UEMLoad - Browser versions are not timely anymore:
      •     Updated the default browsers to match the browsers from chip.de
      •     Default browsers are used for Europe/US
      •     More users should be reported with mobile browsers now as the variety of mobile browsers have increased.

Mobile application changes:

    • update to latest mobile Agent for 6.1
    • adapted Android Version for Hardware without a Settings Button
    • fixed failing payment for mobile users
    • demo data generation now generates Auto User Actions

New problem patterns

    • JavaScriptIncreasedErrorCount - this pattern increases the likelihood that a page load produces a JavaScript error from 4% to approximately 10%
    • JavaScriptUserActionError - When activating this pattern will add additional generated user actions to the contact page during UemLoad
    • JavascriptErrorOnLabelClick -  user can force the generation of a JavaScript error on orange.jsf by clicking on one of the labels of the journey search box
    • WorldMapDNSFailsAsia - causes a significant slowdown of the DNS lookup in Asia
    • WorldMapDNSFailsEurope - auses a significant slowdown of the DNS look up in Europe (replaces WorldMapRegionFailsEurope)
    • WorldMapDNSFailsUnitedStates - causes a significant slowdown of the DNS look up in the United States
    • NetworkPacketDrop - causes network problems by dropping requests (it will work only if Apache web server is deployed on Linux)


    • ExceptionSpamming - causes heavy exception spamming on several locations
 "Standalone" easyTravel Dashboards and System Profile

As requested in one of the APM Community Webinars - here is the Database Dashboard and the System Profile. Feel free to use this is a template for your own application monitoring dashboards:

easyTravel Database.dashboard.xml


Installing easyTravel


  • a matching version of dynaTrace is installed and available in the default directory
  • If you already have easyTravel installed, uninstall it.
  • If you already have an easyTravel SystemProfile, delete it
  • On Microsoft Windows
    • IIS (Internet Information Server) installed and working if you want to use easyTravel procedures via IIS
    • .NET Framework 2.0 or higher if you want to use/demo  .NET features of dynaTrace

Installation Steps

  • Download easyTravel (see above)
  • Run the installer
  • If not launched automatically - launch "easyTravel Configuration UI" from Windows Start Menu
  • Import the easyTravel plugin by clicking on the "Install System Profile" link in the easyTravel launcher UI

Now you have a System Profile and Dashboards for easyTravel and easyTravel is installed on your machine.

First Steps with easyTravel

Make sure your dynaTrace server is running and start easyTravel from the Windows Program Menu. The easyTravel launcher window will come up. Install the easyTravel System Profile on the dynaTrace Server by clicking on the "Install System Profile" link in the easyTravel launcher (upper right hand corner).
Once the System Profile is installed you can choose a scenario that you want to demo. To start use the Standard Production scenario by clicking on the link "Standard". Now all the tiers of easyTravel are starting up and when you run it for the first time easyTravel will populate the internal database with a good amount of test data - so this may take a minute or two for the first run.

Now easyTravel is fully started up and you can use it. Also the monitors of the easyTravel System Profile are generating some moderate load for easyTravel. You can now open e.g. the easyTravel Business Dashboard to see what is happening.

To generate heavy load on the application go to the easyTravel launcher and switch to the Black Friday Scenario by clicking on the link "Black Friday". Now you can see how the application performs under heavy load.

Configure used agent and server ports

To configure used agent and server host/ports edit C:\Program Files (x86)\dynaTrace\easyTravel\resources\easyTravelConfig.properties.

A link to this file is provided in the Start Menu under "All Programs -> dynaTrace -> easyTravel".

Since 4.1: How to keep settings when upgrading easyTravel

Since easyTravel for 4.1, you can create a file called easyTravelLocal.properties in the directory C:\Users\<username>\.dynaTrace\easyTravel 2.0.0\easyTravel\config and store any changed settings there. This way easyTravel will read settings from there and these changes are kept even if you uninstall and reinstall easyTravel.

Advanced topics

Connecting easyTravel to Dynatrace (SaaS and Managed)

Set following configuration properties for SaaS:

When connecting to the Dynatrace managed server:


You should disable monitoring of launcher (com.dynatrace.easytravel.launcher.jar easyTravel (x*)) and weblauncher (com.dynatrace.easytravel.weblauncher.jar easytravel-*-x*) processes. Otherwise there will be no connection between application and services.



Error during installation: "Error writing to file: UltiDevCassiniHttpRequestProcessor2.0.dll. Verify that you have access to that directory."

Ensure that Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Server) is installed and working and ensure that .NET Framework 2.0 or higher is installed.

Apache HTTPD does not start, error "An operation was attempted on something that is not a socket" in error.log

This indicates that some other installed software interferes with socket network calls. A workaround is to add the following additional setting to the Apache HTTP config file at <installation_location>/apache2.2/plain_conf/plain_httpd.conf


For details see the Apache Documentation

Internet Explorer 9 displays some pages incorrectly in compatibility mode

If Internet Explorer displays some pages with incorrect layout, (e.g. text-fields in one of the login screens are displaced or login box is displayed behind other content), you likely run Internet Explorer in "compatibility mode", where it simulates an Internet Explorer 7.

You can disable compatibility mode by clicking the blue "broken page" icon so that it is displayed in gray again.

.NET Applications do not fully start on an Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 instance

See easyTravel on Windows XP and 2003 for a detailed description of the problem and a number of possible workarounds.

.NET Applications do not start - "An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions"

This problem is likely to be caused by IIS running dotNetBackend and dotNetFrontend thus blocking the port the backend is trying to use. The frontend just gets assigned another port.

"Error while checking Credit Card - The system cannot find the file specified"

In 3.5.1 this can indicate that you need to update your Agent to the latest version in order to make ADK/C++ instrumentation work correctly. I.e. you should at least install the Update "April 2011", make sure to also update the agent dlls as well.

If you rather stay with the current agent and would like to work around this problem you can go to the Problem Patterns tab in the easyTravel launcher and deactivate the plugins “NamedPipeNativeApplication” and “NamedPipeNativeApplication.NET” and instead activate “DummyNativeApplication” and “DummyNativeApplication.NET”

.NET Applications running slow on Firefox

If the .NET-Application seems to be running slow in Firefox on localhost, try using the ip-address instead or add localhost to network.dns.ipv4OnlyDomains in the Firefox configuration, enter the following in the address bar "about:config" to access Firefox configuration.

iOS easyTravel App does not install

This problem is likely to be caused by multiple network interfaces (e.g. from VMWare) on the easyTravel host. To override the host auto detection for the iOS App download configure appleMobileHost in C:\Program Files (x86)\dynaTrace\EasyTravel\resources\easyTravelConfig.properties to the IP address of your easyTravel frontend.

iOS easyTravel App does not install due connection error

You are getting an error like "Cannot connect to x.x.x.x" or "Cannot install applications because the certificate for x.x.x.x is not valid". This problem is caused by apple by requiring an SSL-Connection to install the app via direct link. You have install the self-signed SSL-Certificate, which can be found in the “iOS App Installation”-section on the "About"-page.


The overall architecture consists of

  • Two Java processes providing the Customer Frontend and the Business backend server
  • Two .NET processes providing the B2B Frontend and the Payment backend server
  • A C++ application which receives credit card numbers via IPC/Named Pipe and simulates verifying the number against a third party provider.
  • A Launcher GUI which allows to control the processes and also hosts the Java Derby Database (unless some other RDBMS is configured)
  • A Java Derby Database for storing the travel data (can easily be replaced with other JDBC databases)
  • A MS SQL Server Compact Edition Database for storing payment data
  • Optionally an Apache Web Server instance for load balancing

Memory usage

Estimated main memory usage of default scenario, measured as "process private bytes" on Windows OS:




Launcher (includes Java DB)



Customer Frontend



Business Backend



Credit Card Authorization



Payment Backend



B2B Frontend






Demo Scenarios

The easyTravel Launcher starts up all the processes for the different tiers and also allows a user to enable/disable different problem patterns - known as plug-ins. A configuration of running processes and plug-ins is called a scenario.

In order to focus the demo to the interests of the audience, the scenarios are grouped. By default the easyTravel Launcher offers four scenario groups:

  • UEM
  • Production
  • Test Center
  • Development Team

Sometimes the default scenarios and groups may not fit your needs. Maybe your audience is not interested in .NET or you want to enable a certain plugin to demonstrate special dynaTrace capabilities. In this case you have the possibility to set up your own scenarios and groups.

Defining Custom Scenarios

On first startup of the easyTravel Launcher a default scenario configuration file is created. The scenarios.xml file can be found in USER_HOME\.dynaTrace\easyTravel <version>\easyTravel\config. In order to customize your scenario setup you can edit this configuration.


Because the easyTravel Demo Application and consequently the default scenario configuration may change in further versions, your customized file might be replaced by a new configuration file after an update. The old configuration file is backed up in the original directory.

Since easyTravel for 4.2, you can put your scenario-definitions in a file userScenarios.xml in the config directory and thus avoid this overwriting.


Scenario File Structure

The scenario.xml consists of nested group and scenario tags. The following excerpt shows a common structure:

The procedure elements describe the tiers of the scenario. The order attribute of the group and scenario elements define the sequence they are listed in the easyTravel Launcher. The order attribute of the procedure elements defines the startup sequence of the tiers.

Customization Example

Let's assume we want to define a new group with a single scenario. The scenario should run without B2B Frontend and the "SmallMemoryLeak" plugin has to be enabled in order to simulate a memory leak:

Settings on Procedure Level

Procedures support a few specific settings and additionally allow to override any of the global properties that you have in the easyTravelConfig.properties file.

Specific settings are available for the following types of procedures:

  • BusinessBackend or PluginService: Enable/Disable plugins as part of a scenario as well as define on which host a plugin is active (if you have multiple instances of a procedure-type running on multiple hosts)
<setting name="DatabaseCleanup" type="plugin" value="off"/>
<setting name="DummyPaymentService" type="pluginhosts" value="dynaday13fall" />
  • Ant Procedure: Set details of Ant-Execution (look at existing scenarios for examples)


Setting global properties on procedure-level via type="procedure_config" only makes sense if you have multiple procedures of the same type and want to set different settings for these or if you use multiple scenarios and one of them requires different settings. Otherwise it is probably easier to specify them in the global property file, ideally in a easyTravelLocal.properties in the C:\Users\...\config directories.



For old comments see Demo Applications - easyTravel Comments

For new comments use AppMon & UEM Open Q & A forum


  # Configuration of Robots and Synthetic Browsers
          # What percentage (0..100) of Web traffic is covered by each browser type 
          # (Dynatrace Synthetic, Synthetic(Gomez, Keynote), Robots(Googlebot, BaiduSpider, Bingbot etc.)) 
          # In Classic mode Dynatrace Synthetic property is ignored and always equal to 0%.