Our colleague Asad Ali has contributed two plugins that allow to fetch statistics from the MQ Queue Manager:

  • The first one called

    {doclinks}[DL:IBM MQ Queue Channel Monitoring Plugin]{doclinks}

    collects general statistical information from the MQ Queue Manager, such as the current and maximum queue depth or enqueue/dequeue count.

  • The

    {doclinks}[DL:Message Flow Statistics Monitoring Plugin]{doclinks}

    enables you to monitor statistics for each message flow, such as total elapsed time, elapsed time per message, or CPU time per message. Please see the respective download pages for a full list of measures provided.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment in our Plugins and Extension Forum.

Have you implemented your own monitoring, alert or task plugin, or do you have a default System Profile or Dashboard that you always use for your projects? If you think that others would benefit from it as well and want to share it, just contact us at apmcommunity@compuware.com!


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