The APMaaS Metrics Grabber plugin utilized the web services available from Compuware's APMaaS offering to return summarized test information from a specified APMaaS Backbone test script. At this time, only backbone tests are supported.

The plugin uses the APMaaS WSDL Interface to query the following metrics:

  1. Availability
  2. Response Time
  3. Connection Time
  4. SSL Time
  5. DNS Time
  6. First Byte Time


Plugin Details

Plug-In File



Michael Beemer (michael.beemer@dynatrace.com)

Joe Hoffman v1.3.0 (joseph.hoffman@dynatrace.com)

dynaTrace Versions

>= 5.6


dynaTrace BSD


Not Supported

Known Issues


Release History

2013-4-24 Initial Release

2013-5-2 v1.3.0 Release.  Fixed runtime bugs, improved error messaging. Repackaged acccording to plugin guidelines and naming conventions

2015-2-20 Fixed a number of bugs and added a mechanize to handle multiple requests at the same time

In order to utilize this plugin, you must have at least read access to the APMaaS Network and the specified active backbone script.


The polling interval should be the same or longer than the APMaaS script interval


The following screenshot shows a dashboard displaying some of the measures queried by the monitor:

Things to consider

  1. Only works on backbone tests
  2. Gomez only allows a limited number of sessions to be opened simultaneously. (Handled better in V 1.4.5)
  3. Numbers probably won't match exactly to what you see on Gomez Networks because of how the data is being summarized.
  4. The polling collector must have access to the internet


What we need from you!

  1. Testers
  2. Ideas on how to make it better
  3. Logs from any failed test (Please enable debugging)


Feel free to contribute any changes on Github