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What are FastPacks?

FastPacks provide a quick start for users when dealing with applications based on e.g. SharePoint or BizTalk. FastPacks are downloadable packages that can contain pre-configured Plugins, Sensor Packs, Dashboards and System Profile. All ready-to-go to be applied to your Installation eliminating most of the configuration steps you normally have to do!

Plugins and Other Downloads

We also provide other downloads that extend and integrate with other tools!

Community Forum: Don't find a plugin or got a general question on this topic?

Please use the Community Plugins and Extensions Forum to ask for new plugins that would make your life easier but that are not yet available. If you have plugins to share us the forum to see if somebody else would benefit as well.

Develop your own Plugins!

Follow the guide Manage and Develop User Plugins


List of available FastPacks, Plugins, Sensor Packs and Extensions


Contributing to the Community

Do you have anything to share with the community? A FastPack? A Sensor Pack? A Plugin? Or a Best Practice Article? Send us an email to apmcommunity@compuware.com. We will work with you to share your content.
Contribution will also be awarded. Learn more about the Community Award Program!