The dynaTrace FastPack for Tibco enables deep insight into Tibco Business Works Server and the enclosing platform. This FastPack provides essential metrics which are visualized on different dashboards including Tibco Business Transactions such as Job Number.


Fast Pack Details


Original Author: Dan Breslin

dynaTrace Versions

dynaTrace >= 5.5


dynaTrace BSD


Community Supported

Known Problems


Release History

August 2013 Initial Release

FastPack Contents

1 System Profile
2  Dashboards


dynaTrace 5.5

Tested with Tibco BW 5.4 and 5.7



The following components are part of this FastPack:

Tibco System Profile

The reference Tibco System Profile contains a set of basic metrics required by the Dashboards of this FastPack for Tibco Business Works.


Tibco Dashboard

The Tibco Dashboard gives insight into the Tibco Performance and Buisiness Transaction volume and response times.

Tibco JVM Health Dashboard

The Tibco JVM Health Dashboard gives insight into health and performance of the Tibco Java Virtual Machne