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  • Synthetic Classic data feeds
  • Screen Capture on Error


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Errors in test data require Screen Capture on Error (SCoE) for troubleshooting

Clearly list the Steps to resolve the issue

It is not possible to download Screen Capture on Error (SCoE) through any of the Data Feeds offered by Synthetic Classic.

SCoE must be downloaded from the test data in the Synthetic Classic Portal.

When viewing a SCoE object, there is a link that allows you to save a zip file containing the screen capture and related code.

Since a large number of screen captures can exist for every test, Synthetic Classic limits the amount of storage available for SCoE::

  • SCoEs are only stored for 4 days.
  • Every SCoE has a storage limit size of 250 MB.
  • Only 24 captures can be stored at one time.