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Type: APM as a Service

Old Article ID: 1238

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Internally, you may be encountering this message for a different reason:

  • The tabs use a different session method than the account as a whole. If you are logging into many different accounts, clicking on the CBT or Load tab for instance will log you right out.
  • To help get around that, make sure when leaving an account you click the ‘log out’ link. This should end all sessions so that when you next login to a different account it will let you view all information.



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  • Dynatrace Portal

As of the July 2016 release of the Dynatrace Portal, users should no longer be logged out of the Portal for inactivity.

When you select the Remember me option on the login page, you will remain logged in until you close the browser, even if you close the browser tab in which the Portal was displayed.

You will be logged out when the Dynatrace Portal is unavailable because of scheduled maintenance.