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For Classic Portal:

To unlock an employee account in the DIG, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the DIG (http://opsdc2ws01/gpndig/digAccountNew.asp).

  2. Search for the account that the employee belongs to.

  3. Click on the Employees link next to the account name.

  4. Click on the Unlock link next to the employee's name.

Do not give the client username/password information over the phone as there is no way to verify who you are speaking with. The best thing to do if they don't know this information is to point them to the "Forget your password?" portion of the login page (http://www.gomez.com/login.html). If this is not an option, please see the Client Services Manager for approval to make an exception.

If there is a note "logins exceeded" below the "unlock" link, this means that the user attempted to login more than 48 times in 4 hours. If this is the case, and the customer wants to know why they were locked out, you can let them know that it appears they have automated the login in the Gomez Portal. Our usage policy does not allow this, and therefore after the login limit has been exceeded, the account is locked out. You can unlock the account in this case, but they should know that if the login behavior continues, they will continue to get locked out, and they may be approached by Account Management for violating the usage policy.

To find locked accounts in the database, look for records in the "employee" table where the value of the "LoginsFailed" field is greater than 0. For invalid password locks, the value will be 5. For excessive logins, the value will be 100.

For Dynatrace Portal:

Locked accounts do not show up in DIG as they are locked in LDAP.

You can check if there is problem with the username as EAP and Dynatrace Portal are not linked, so if the account is locked in Dynatrace Portal it can still be used to login to EAP. If you can't login to either portal, it is probably not locked but a different problem.

There are 2 options to unlock the user account:

1) Preferred: Get the user to reset their password by sending them a password reset email

2) If the account is used in scripts or by multiple users, create a NOC ticket and request the LDAP account is unlocked.


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  • Dynatrace Portal



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There are two reasons why a Dynatrace Portal user account is be locked out:

  • Incorrect Login Information. After 5 attempts to log in, with the wrong login information, the account will be locked.

  • Excessive Logins. After the user attempts to login more than 48 times in 4 hours, the account will be locked. This typically indicates an automated login process, which is prohibited in the Terms of Service.

Contact Customer Support to unlock the accounts.