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We are seeing Error Code 10001 on Single URL tests. What does this mean?

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This error indicates that the response received from a machine during a test does not match the HTTP standard. The HTTP standard dictates that all HTTP responses should contain a line, either in the page's header or body, that contains the following information:

HTTP/(version returncode)

Sample status lines include:

  • HTTP/1.1 200
  • HTTP/1.0 302
  • HTTP/1.1 404

If a test does not receive a status code from a HTTP response, the Dynatrace Synthetic Classic Platform reports it as 10001 - Server Response Missing Status Line.

For example, a test makes a connection with your application server but the server doesn't respond within 25 seconds. After 25 seconds, the underlying operating system terminates the connection. Since every web server always includes a status code in its response, the Browser Agent, awaiting the HTTP status code, marks the absence of a HTTP status code with error code 10001.