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Type: APM as a Service

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Old Article Type: diagnostic

Some discrepancy between the Ops Dashboard and the tests is acceptable - see below.

However: if you determine that the two are out of sync by a large amount of time (hours, or days), there may be an issue with the Database Job that syncs the Ops Dashboard.

1) Confirm the issue exists.
a. Go into the customer's account, and look at their recent Alerts versus the Alerts displaying in the Ops Dashboad - determine if they are badly out of sync. Ask a Supervisor for aid if necessary.

2) Create a new R&D case:
a. Select Record Type Support Case-APM R&D,
b. Set the Case Reason, Case Origin, and Priorities as appropriate.
c. Subject line should be brief and clear, like: "Operations Dashboard Latent / Inaccurate",
d. Enter all pertinent information, including Account IDs and screenshots, and save the case.

2) Change the Case Owner to R&D: QA Active XF and send email notification.

3) Copy the new case number, return to your case, and enter the case number into the Parent Case field. Set your Status as Pending – APM Tier 3, and contact the customer with an update.

4) Once the case has been created and assigned, contact the DBAs responsible for the Ops Dashboard directly with a heads' up that the Operations Dashboard is out of sync - at the time of this writing (10/25/2011), that would be Tim Greenan and John Pepe.

5) Monitor the R&D case, and update the customer with responses as appropriate.


Detail the contextual information specific to the issue; i.e. Product, Version, Agent, System, etc.

  • Dynatrace Classic Portal (http://www.gomeznetworks.com)
  • One View Operational Dashboard


Describe the problem, from the user perspective

When looking at the charts shown on the Operations Dashboard, the data (response time and availability) are not identical to those on the linked test chart.

Clearly list the Steps to resolve the issue

Some small amount of discrepancy should be expected between the Operations Dashboard and Test Charts.

  • The Operations Dashboard pulls aggregated data from a slightly different source, which is refreshed every 5-10 minutes; Test Charts pull "live" data directly from the nodes.
  • The Operations Dashboard shows the aggregate information only for the nodes which are in an alert state, whereas the Backbone chart shows the average for all nodes being tested against. The two will often not match precisely, especially if the number of alerting nodes is fewer than the total number of nodes being tested.