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 If you or a customer believes a node IP address is wrong, please create an APM OPS record type case and assign it to the infrastructure team for investigation/correction. This type of case should not got to the NOC.

If there is any doubt of the node IP, you can use the instant test tool to run a traceroute, and it will confirm the public-facing IP of the node.


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  • Synthetic Classic Portal
  • Backbone


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Backbone Node IP addresses may be necessary for:

  • Opening a firewall to allow testing
  • Filtering synthetic testing from real customer traffic measurements
  • Tracking down the source of failures

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The IP address of all Backbone nodes available to an account are available on the Node Manager tab of the Measurement Locations page in the Synthetic Classic Portal. For details, see Measurement Locations in the documentation.

This information is also available via the Account Management api using the GetAccountSites method. This can be called directly from a web page: