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 If customers are interested in SMTP alerting, please let them contact their Account Manager for that. Please also let their Account Manager know that, the Active Data Center can do SMTP alert. But there are certain limits too, which are unknown by CS. The person with that knowledge would be Andre Chagnon.


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  • Synthetic Classic Portal
  • Alerting



Tests in the Synthetic Classic Portal can be configured to send out an alert for test failures and errors.

The alert recipients are defined under Alert Destinations. An alert can be sent to email addresses, to a URL of your server, or to mobile devices.

When configuring the URL alert notification, there are certain limits:

  • The destination URL needs to be a public URL other than an IP address.
  • The alert configuration must be able to accept the port definition inside the URL of the alert destination, and that destination should be ports 80 or 443. Other ports are blocked.
  • The POST data sent by the Synthetic Classic service must be formatted as standard POST requests. If your server is defined to only accept standard POST requests, use a script to extract the data; otherwise you may only see POST requests but no POST data.

For more information, see the documentation: