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  • Dynatrace Portal
  • Node Manager
  • Synthetic Monitoring Backbone




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Before the Browser Agent can begin to download objects or follow a transaction on a node, it must first perform a DNS Lookup to find the correct IP address for the URL in question. In general, users would use the DNS servers of their ISP (Internet Service Provider) to look up an IP address. However, our Backbone nodes each have their own server that handles any DNS queries.

The node's database server acts as the DNS server for the node, directly making authoritative DNS queries. An installed instance of BIND on the database server acts as a caching DNS resolver for that node's Agents. Because of this, the DNS IP is the same as the node's IP address.

The Node Manager in the Dynatrace Portal lists the IP addresses of all nodes available to your account. For details, see Backbone Nodes in the documentation.