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Type: APM as a Service

Old Article ID: 5111

Old Article Type: problem



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  • Synthetic Mobile
  • Windows Recorder

Describe the problem, from the user perspective

When recording a Mobile test through the Windows Recorder, you receive an error:

754834: Your profile could not be opened correctly. Some features may be unavailable. Please check that the profile exists and you have permission to read and write its contents.

Clearly list the Steps to resolve the issue

This error occurs when the Windows Recorder is run as a User rather than a Windows Administrator.

To correct the error:

  1. Find the shortcut for the Windows Recorder on your desktop or Windows Start menu.
  2. Right click the icon and select Run as Administrator.

You should only have to do this once. It should run as Administrator from that point forward.

Note the underlying reason for the problem

You need to be logged in to your computer with an Administrator account to create a Mobile test. Some of the files that the Windows Recorder writes to when creating a Mobile test require users to have Administrator rights to modify the file.