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  • Private Last Mile
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Bandwidth is the frequency at which data can be transmitted. Before and after any test is run, a bandwidth test is executed. The results of this test determine your bandwidth speed.

Bandwidth testing only applies to Last Mile and Private PEER tests. Test data for these kinds of transactions are broken down into seven groups, based on connection speed.

These are the bandwidth categories:

  • Legacy/Saturated G0 (<=56kbps)
  • Narrowband G1 (>56kbps, <=200kbps)
  • Narrowband G2 (>200kbps, <=512kbps)
  • Broadband G3 (>512kbps, <=768kbps)
  • Broadband G4 (>768kbps, <=1536kbps)
  • Broadband G5 (>1536kbps, <=3072kbps)
  • Broadband G6 (>3072kbps)
By sorting peer data based on bandwidth, Last Mile and Private PEER tests can give a more precise overview of a web application's performance. If data collected by peers are all grouped together, it then becomes difficult to determine how efficient a web site is because it mixes data from Dialup users and Broadband users together.

When creating Last Mile charts, you can sort and filter by bandwidth, including specific regions and peer groups.


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