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Case # SUPGOMEZ-1179

Type: APM as a Service

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  • Dynatrace Portal - Interactive Chart


What is the formula for charting Average Throughput - Group by Test - View by City?

The chart of Average Throughput - Group by Test - View by City displays the data of the selected test. This data is different for the different tests.

The parameters Group by Test and View by City do not affect the underlying Average Throughput metric.

The formula of calculating Average Throughput is:

Average Throughput (Kbps) = (total bytes * 8) / (total response time / 1024)

By default, the Interactive Chart charts the Average Response Time by Test. To display a chart of Average Throughput - Group by Test - View by City, click Average Response Time by Test above the chart select the following settings:

  • Metric – Throughput
  • Group By – Test (the default)
  • View By – Geography > City
  • Calculation – Average (the default)

When you select View By City, the chart type automatically changes to a bar chart.

Click Update to refresh the chart with the new parameters.