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AppMon: 5.x , 6.x

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What's the difference between Live session, continuous session (stored session) and offline session?

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Live Session: it's a reserved area in the AppMon Server's Memory. The more memory you assign to the AppMon Server the more PurePath can be held in the Live Session.

Continuous Session: When the feature enabled, more PurePath will be stored in File System. Maybe couple of days or weeks. It depends on "Storage Quota".

Offline Session:
You can store your session to be offline session, then you can imported to client without server.
It could be useful to repeat the a bug.


There are more features need to be mentioned.
For the 5.x version:

In server.config.xml under <settings>

optimizeforthroughput="false" in dT client's Storage page "Optimize for user triggered transaction analysis"

optimizeforthroughput="true"  in dT client's Storage page "Optimize for dynaTrace Server throughput"


For the 6.0 version:

By default in 6.0 we use optimizeforthroughput="true" which means that as soon as a PurePath is completed it will be stored to disk (session store) and removed from memory.