PostgreSQL monitor Plugin allows you to monitor the values in key statistics PostgreSQL database. All captured data are provided by dynaTrace as Measures, enabling the assembly of its database monitoring dashboards. You can view statistics tables, database activities, I / O, Indexes, Sequences, and Cache Hit Rate and Usage Index.

Name and Version

PostgreSQL Plugin 1.0.0

Supported dynaTrace Versions

>= dynaTrace 6.1

Supported PostgreSQL Versions

This plugin has been tested in PostgreSQL version 9.3.


Fernando Lewandowski Albuquerque (fernando.albuquerque@elosoft.com.br). Thanks to Marcelo Colleta (dynaTrace Team - Brazil)


dynaTrace BSD


Support Level


Not Supported

Release history2014-12-17 1.0.0 Initial Release




Feel free to contribute any changes on Github


Import the Plugin into the dynaTrace Server via Settings menu -> dynaTrace Server Settings  -> Plugins -> Install Plugin. For details how to do this please refer to the dynaTrace Documentation.

To use the provided dashboard please leave the default name of the Monitor as "MyFavoriteDB", then open the Dashboard and set the Data Source accordingly.


Provided Measures

Configuration PostgreSQL Monitor

The monitor requires the following configuration settings:


Figure 1 - Installed Plugin

Figure 2 - Plugin Configuration

Figure 3 - Plugin Development

Figure 4 - General Setup Plugin

Figure 5 - Configuring Plugin properties

Figure 6 - Configuring Plugin properties

Figure 7 - Configuring Plugin metrics

Figure 8 - Monitor Configuration based on the Plugin

Figure 9 - Monitor Configuration based on the Plugin

Figure 10 - Monitor Configuration based on the Plugin