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What's the difference between a FastPack and a Plugin?

FastPacks are downloadable packages that can contain resources such as preconfigured Plugins, Sensor Packs, Dashboards, and System Profiles. A FastPack bundles these different resources into one installation file that can be imported and installed into to reduce the number of configuration steps.

Plugins are supplemental product libraries that extend with features and functions beyond the functionality in the installed product. Plugins are imported into the product from the Server Settings dialog box, which is accessible from the .


Learn how to add a new plugin

Learn how to release a new version of a plugin


If you want to contribute a new plugin please email to community@dynatrace.com with the subject "plugin idea"

Using Hadoop, Cassandra or Splunk?

Running on EC2, Azure or other Cloud Providers?

Using Oracle, MS SQL, DB2, ...?

Want to monitor SharePoint, Guidewire, Tibco, SOLR & Co?

Find other miscellaneous plugins to extend dynaTrace
Using Nagios, SCOM, ...? Want to send SMS or advanced notification emails?

Need to monitor Message Queues, Operating Systems, File Systems?

Relying on Spring, Hibernate, Peoplesoft, SAP, ...?

Integrate with Jenkins, Ant, Eclipse, Visual Studio or Load Testing Tools

Using hybris or Google Analytics?

Community Forum: Don't find a plugin or got a general question on this topic?

Please use the Community Plugins and Extensions Forum to ask for new plugins that would make your life easier but that are not yet available. If you have plugins to share us the forum to see if somebody else would benefit as well.

Develop your own Plugins and Contribute to the Community

To create your own plugins follow the guide Manage and Develop User Plugins

Do you have anything to share with the community? A FastPack? A Sensor Pack? A Plugin? Or a Best Practice Article? Send us an email to community@dynatrace.com. We will work with you to share your content.
Contribution will also be awarded. Learn more about the Community Award Program!